Progress is continuous, and the commitment to new technologies is essential.
"Adapt, never settle."
Leadership Attitude
We seek continuous improvement to position ourselves at the highest benchmark of local, regional and international levels.
"With work and attitude you will be a leader."

Competitiveness ​​
We offer services and high quality products, efficiently, effectively and competitively priced.
​"Service and quality products available."
Complement and empower our employees and encourage their initiatives, individual knowledge and resources to do better.
​"Working together, we do more and better."
The Purchasing department is extremely important in Corporación Romaña, S.A., and we understand its impact on product portfolio. We believe, the better the purchasing management, the better our products. Following this principle, we try to create strong partnership with our suppliers that enable us to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and the marketplace.
Customer Service Vocation 
Our employees attitude is to meet customer needs and exceed their expectations.
​"We are at your service, always."
Honesty and Integrity​
We work with honesty, respect, dignity, fairness, punctuality, commitment and discipline
"Honesty, our way of being."

Our Purpose

  • Progress in our production and commercial work with full honesty while competing with other brands.
  • Earning our clients trust and loyalty to become their provider of choice.
  • Develop an export enterprise that surpasses the standard.
  • Offer our employees a job that satisfies for their personal development and encourages their involvement in the company´s goals and objectives.
  •  Control every production detail and monitoring quality. 

Our Suppliers ​​

At Corporacion Romaña,S.A, the careful selection of our suppliers is an important factor that helps us keep our commitment to providing our treasured customers with superior products, that are tailored to their specific needs.

​ The success of this company depends largely on optimal communication between our departments and our suppliers.
We have developed an inventive purchasing operation staffed with intelligent, efficient, highly trained and motivated staff.

Our Values