Olive Pomace Oil is light and neutral and is ideal for use in cooking and frying. Since it comes without any flavour, Olive Pomace Oil does not change the taste of the food being prepared with it. Additionally, because it is light, it is easy to use for any type of cooking whether deep-frying  or normal frying. Olive Pomace Oil is used for frying in the Mediterranean region as well.  

Like other commonly used refined or cooking oils including sunflower, safflower, corn, soya, canola and others, Olive Pomace Oil is refined after extraction and then blended with Extra Virgin Oil for edible use.​ 

Olive Pomace Oil has the same beneficial fat composition as Extra Virgin Olive Oil: approx. 80% of mono-unsaturated fat (the good fat which reduces bad cholesterol) and a mere 10% of saturated fat (the bad fat).

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has additional health benefits in the form of anti-oxidants but many of these are lost when the oil is heated. The best use of Extra Virgin is raw, when the full benefits of its flavour and health attributes can be fully experienced.

Olive Pomace Oil is certainly several times healthier for the heart than oils like: sunflower, canola, corn, coconut, palm and others that have traditionally been used all over the world



Olive Pomace Oil

Extra Virgin is the highest grade of olive oil, commonly used by food manufacturers and restaurant chefs.  It is ideal for every day use in dressings and salads, for cooking, or simply enjoyed with a warm, fresh-baked baguette. 

How it's made: The olives are harvested and washed with cold water. They are ground into paste and spun in a centrifuge which extracts the oil from the olive mixture.  It is known as the “first cold press,” though it’s actually spun instead of pressed in most modern systems. This process occurs within 24 hours from the time the olives are harvested.  




  Oil Type: ExtraVirgin Olive Oil.
  Varieties: Arbequina, Hojiblanca and Verdial
  maximum acidity: 0,26%.

  Harvest Method: Mechanical - continued

  Extraction Method: Cold extraction centrifugal continuous system

  Formats: 250 ml and 500 ml 


  Great balance is provided by the best olives. Our oil is characterized by an aromatic and fruity flavor with a delicate and pleasant spice, giving life to an unmistakable oil. 

Oil from great prestige that comes from the selection of our best production. 

Ideal for seasoning meat , fish, salads, legumes and vegetables.

  Olive oil with plenty of structure, fruity and aromatic with
  delicate spice through elegant texture on the palate


          The olive tree

 One theory that emerged in 6000 BC in the Middle East is that olives are the result of hybridization between large, fleshy fruits and Oriental and African olives, but it is difficult to determine.

The first olive cultivation was developed in a region located between Palestine, Crete and Egypt where, over the centuries, the oil extraction technique was improved upon​.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The olive tree and its fruits have been present throughout the history of mankind. And olive oil has been used by different civilizations for a variety of applications, from enriching foods to serving in sacred rituals.  In the Bible and the Koran, hundreds of references to the olive tree and its oil can be found, demonstrating its historical importance. The olive oil obtained was not only used as food, but also to operate votive lamps, and used as an ointment for the body. It was also used in drinking potions.