Extra virgin olive oil is recommended for all ages and in all conditions for its benefits in preventing cardiovascular risks. And it’s especially recommended for children and seniors for its vitamin E content.


The beneficial health properties offered by extra virgin olive oil have been popularly referred to as “liquid gold,” Its benefits to the body are numerous:

In the Kitchen


Olive oil is an excellent substitute for all kinds of fats, including other vegetable oils, butters, margarines and shortenings.

Extra virgin olive oil outperforms other oils because during frying it forms a layer  around the food surface, protecting the internal texture by not letting juices out. Other seed oils, butters and margarines, soak the food and fill it with grease. In addition, olive oil is less expensive. Since its oxidation level is very low, it can be used several times before discarding. 

Healthy Food

Clinical and ongoing tests indicate that a balanced diet containing
​ significant amounts of olive oil reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis
and swelling and hardening of the arteries. And extra virgin
olive oil has additional benefits as it contains the highest
percentage of monounsaturated fats than any other type of edible oil.

- Lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) without lowering HDL (good cholesterol), as it is high in monounsaturated fat.
​- Reduces oxidation effects that accompany the aging process, helping to maintain the mental faculties and muscle control.

​- Contains significant amounts of antioxidant pro-vitamin A and vitamin E, which prevents oxidation of LDLs, and plays an important role in preventing cardio vascular diseases and tumors.

-Stimulates production of vasodilator (improves blood fluidity)and decreases blood pressure.



Olive oil is an important ingredient in maintaining good health. Our olive oil 
offers additional benefits because it is of the highest quality.  Additionally our olive oil comes from olives selected in their optimum maturity managed by
agricultural practices that respect the environment . A cold extraction process is
performed on the same day of collection, thus conserving aromas, flavors
and natural features that make our olive oil so convenient.


• Circulatory system: Helps prevent arteriosclerosis and its side effects.

Digestive system: Improves the stomach, pancreas, and intestine function and hepatobiliary level.
• Skin: Provides a protective and toning effect on skin.
• Endocrine system: Improves metabolic functions.
Skeletal system: Stimulates growth and promotes the absorption of calcium and other vitamins and minerals.